110,000 mile SE for trackdays

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110,000 mile SE for trackdays

Postby tonny006 » Wed 01.04.2009, 22:51

I am thinking of buying an Elan for using on trackdays,i have found a nice looking car with good service history,but it has 110,000 miles on the clock.
Has anyone had a car or know if the engines are happy being thrashed on the track with this mileage.
I know the engines are good for road driving but you are a lot easier with them on the road.
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Re: 110,000 mile SE for trackdays

Postby texas2201 » Thu 02.04.2009, 16:48

I have heard these engines are good for 200K miles if looked after - mine has 113000 and I have taken it on track a few times

If you are going to use it on track I would set aside some money for a brake upgrade as the stock ones will suffer extreme fade after 3 or 4 laps

After this a whole load of upgrades and changes then come into the equation - Roll Hoops, Strut braces, coil over suspension, everest chip, SS exhaust, bore out the Turbo, dump valve - Monty or Nige on here would be a good source of advice in these areas



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Re: 110,000 mile SE for trackdays

Postby Enright » Thu 02.04.2009, 19:33

If it's had it's fluids changed regularly then I wouldn't be concerned at all.
As standard they put out about 165BHP - if Everest equipped then it can be around the 200 mark, but they were safely rated to 220 by Lotus so I wouldn't worry at all.
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