expert advice needed please

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Re: expert advice needed please

Postby DeeAitch » Wed 25.11.2009, 16:59

What a story!
Well done to all involved, restores one’s faith in mankind it does :D

Best wishes to you both - and the car of course :wink:

:cheers: Dave
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Re: expert advice needed please

Postby Nige » Wed 25.11.2009, 19:52

Great result, terriffic effort by all and what a lovely looking car (I do like the blue (even if mine is green)). Now go out and enjoy it, because that's what it's there for. If I can possibly make it to a gathering I will.
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Re: expert advice needed please

Postby GeoffSmith » Wed 25.11.2009, 19:54

Excellent result. I hope it brings you both a huge amount of pleasure.
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Re: expert advice needed please

Postby saska » Wed 25.11.2009, 21:12

Well done. Azure blue is a great colour and I suspect you've got a good, honest car there. Certainly looks lovely.
You may, or may not, want to tell Andy that you can chuck one of these into a corner at indecent speeds and all it will do is stick and go where you point it.
Think you have done a marvellous thing Karen. All best to you both.
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Re: expert advice needed please

Postby Songbird » Fri 27.11.2009, 18:13

Fantastic result ... Thanks for posting the Pics
....and best wishes to both of you ...
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