Inspecting outriggers

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Inspecting outriggers

Postby fillpoke » Mon 21.11.2016, 23:18

Well I'm still looking for a decent Elan to buy (regretting selling my last one) and I'm wondering if anyone can proffer some advice about checking the condition of the outriggers. As we all know these can be prone to rusting and rotting but the problem is how to inspect them before buying a car. It's easy enough afterwards of course (when it's too late!) but I don't suppose many sellers would want their pride and joy pulling to bits (battery compartment for rear of outriggers, trim and carpet for interior outriggers) so that the metal of the outriggers is visible. So what to do? Any ideas gratefully received. PS if you kinow of a decent Elan at a reasonable price I'd love to know about it! Many thanks all, Dave
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Re: Inspecting outriggers

Postby Artaban » Mon 21.11.2016, 23:51

Fortunately this is not a good time of year to sell a convertible so I hope the seller would be a little more accommodating if the buyer appears genuine. That said I don't think many would let you peel back the carpets but at least they should let you take of the plastic trim beside the battery compartment, behind the drivers head, and let you put your arm down and feel the back of the outrigger. If its not in a good state you'll probably come up with a handful of rusty bits. However you can't do the same on the passenger side as the fuel tank is in the way.

I still think an endoscope from eBay is the best option. Available delivered for less than £10 you can connect it up to your laptop and have a look along the length of the outrigger. I haven't tried it but I would think they are thin enough to find a way round the tank on the passenger side as well.

However, how far do you go when buying a car? Will you do a compression test for instance, check the turbo, run an ElanScan? In the end I tend to buy on gut feeling. Probably why I'm destitute.
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Re: Inspecting outriggers

Postby Rambo » Tue 22.11.2016, 09:53

fillpoke wrote:Well I'm still looking for a decent Elan to buy .....

Don't push me
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Re: Inspecting outriggers

Postby Fredjohn » Tue 22.11.2016, 11:16


Good car and driven regularly.

Inspecting outriggers? Get the owner to jack the car up on each of the 4 jacking points in turn: ie those at the bottom of the A and B posts. Then watch the car and see what happens.......................

A bit drastic, but it might help!!!!!

But a small endoscope type camera is a good bet too.
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Re: Inspecting outriggers

Postby clemo » Tue 22.11.2016, 12:24

agreed ...
jim's car . you are buying into enthusiast knowledge . He has owned that car for years and is a very active member on here too
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Re: Inspecting outriggers

Postby dapinky » Tue 22.11.2016, 13:58

£2.5 for one that needs a load of (known) work.....

£2150 for one in Ireland which needs a new engine + paintwork (plus getting it UK registered and getting it home).....

....Jims' car for under £5K.

I know which one I'd be looking at if I wanted a car that's sorted and ready to drive :wink:

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

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