How long to sell an Elan ?

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Re: How long to sell an Elan ?

Postby lotusflasherman » Thu 22.12.2016, 17:07

Rambo wrote: I can still remember the 1st night I picked up Rambo. I left the warmth of my bed at 0300 to spend a couple of hours polishing and stroking the paintwork before creeping back into bed beside my other true love

Sad but true :oops:

Very sad and weird indeed... now had you said " I left the warmth of my bed at 0300 to go for a blast on empty roads" I could understand that, but 'polishing and stroking' just brings to mind Gene Wilder and his sheep! :lol:

My first Lotus was a 6 that had been hacked about for grasstrack racing. It came with a roll bar and perspex aero screen but no windscreen, no wiper, no hood, no sidescreens nor headlamps and it had an 1172cc sidevalve engine with a rod through the block. Been fitted with tatty 7 front wings that had suffered racing contact and repaired numerous times, but worked. I sorted out a replacement sidevalve engine with Aquaplane head & twin SU's and put headlamps on to get it road legal and MOT'd but it looked like a pigs breakfast - but went like a scalded cat. Since then always prefer to drive a Lotus rather than treat it as a religious fetish...
and don't get me on the topic of calling a car 'her' or 'she' - that's another weird thing !

Leave me alone, I think I know what I'm doing.
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