Elan fever - am I delirious?

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Re: Elan fever - am I delirious?

Postby Rambo » Sun 12.01.2020, 21:58

TorqueHorse wrote:Awesome, thanks for the tip (and the challenge for a good cause)! No, the guy I got it from turned it on to demo it and I turned it off as soon as I could. The other fluids look decently topped off, so I think he put stuff in before he put the ad up. I'm just assuming everything needs new though and will check for leaks as I do the service. And yes, I've found a couple of wasp's nests and some snail shells, but no surprised birds or mice...yet :)

Yes, all fluids ie oil, coolant, petrol, windscreen washer fluid will not only need to be drained but probably well flushed before new fluids are added

And check all wiring carefully just in case those Texas mice have been hungry
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Re: Elan fever - am I delirious?

Postby JusNoGood » Wed 11.03.2020, 11:30

Bit late to this thread. Congratulations on your purchase. Very exciting :D

I'm UK based. I have a pre-production car which was used to develop the Fed spec car. They'd even used it to perfect the weak fuel tank neck :lol:

When I bought my car 2018 the fuel neck was split and fuel would pour out if it was filled to the brim. I did buy a second hand tank on ebay but that had the same problem. SJSports did have a new tank in stock at the time. I didnt realise they were as rare as John has said so didnt ask whether it was an official one - perhaps one of the 5 John mentions or a reproduction, who knows. It looked original to me.

I have since explained this to another owner with the same problem and they said SJS didn't have any. On the website it's not listed but you may want to give them a call to see what they say, you never know...


They recently provided me with a new original plastic coolant header (expansion) tank....which I had been advised (not by John) that they were no longer available.
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Re: Elan fever - am I delirious?

Postby TorqueHorse » Tue 17.03.2020, 04:10

Thanks for the interest and advice! I've been having a go at repairing my tank myself, and someone else in the US has offered access to one of their old ones too (with only one crack vs my three) if I can't bring mine back sufficiently. The progress has been day by day, but its been adding up. I need to create some milestones for Rambo to follow through on his bet. :twisted: Now with the quarantine, I'm seeing lots of jobs that might get marked off the list (here's to luck, and everyone staying safe) :-)
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