Looking for M-100, not RED

Elans wanted within North America

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Looking for M-100, not RED

Postby tlash » Wed 08.03.2017, 02:09

Apologies to Red M-100 owners, I just don't prefer red cars.

White, black, yellow, silver are all good!

Doesn't need to be perfect, but the better condition the better.

East Coast preferred, living in Northern VA.

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Re: Looking for M-100, not RED

Postby Steve A » Wed 08.03.2017, 10:57

When I was looking (all those years ago) the first car I saw was a red one, it wasn't my first choice of colour, I was after a steel blue one (having seen Dave T's car),
I looked at many other cars all over the place and many different colours but none of them came close to the first red one so I comprised and never looked back :m100: :D
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Re: Looking for M-100, not RED

Postby Artaban » Wed 08.03.2017, 13:39

Everyone knows the red ones are faster anyway :D
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Re: Looking for M-100, not RED

Postby lotusflasherman » Wed 08.03.2017, 14:05

Artaban wrote:Everyone knows the red ones are faster anyway :D

Do they slow down when they turn pink ? :lol: :lol:

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Re: Looking for M-100, not RED

Postby steve matthews » Wed 08.03.2017, 14:10

Calypso Red ones are faster but DO NOT GET the Arrest Me Red. They only cause problems. :lol:

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Re: Looking for M-100, not RED

Postby tigerdog » Sat 18.03.2017, 16:13

Tom has the right idea. BRG is best. If you get a yellow one, people will keep asking what kind of Ferrari it is. Good luck in your search!
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