PAS noise and leak

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PAS noise and leak

Postby Redlotus » Sun 03.05.2020, 13:31

My PAS has been making more and more noise and suddenly went juddery.

I found that the fluid level had dropped so I topped this up and turned the steering wheel from one side to the other whilst cracking it over as recommended on this forum. The problems went away for a while but has returned.

Can people direct me to the most common leaks? I seem to remember that there are some rubber hoses which I had replaced probably 8 years ago. Can you point me in the right direction.
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Re: PAS noise and leak

Postby TorqueHorse » Thu 07.05.2020, 18:09

Are you able to see evidence of any fluid leaks or deposit buildups? I'm guessing you have a RHD model so I think if you turn your wheels far to the left, then in the front right wheel arch area, you should be able to just see the power rack assembly (or get a phone camera in there).
This is the connection point where the hydraulic lines come into the steering rack and pinion. There are lots of seals here that leak on mine and the whole assembly is covered in grime. Also you could check the connections to the either the reservoir, or the pump?
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Re: PAS noise and leak

Postby Simon_P » Thu 07.05.2020, 18:38

The pipe connections under the resovoir are difficult to get on properly and check, also difficult to tighten the jubilee clips if you didn't orientate them correctly.

The rubber hoses should abut the underside of the reservoir. The spigots on the resovoir are about 3/4" long.
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Re: PAS noise and leak

Postby Kipperozzy » Fri 08.05.2020, 13:15

One of my pipes rusted out near where they go into the rack, a bit of a bugger changing them .
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