Steering Just Got Stiff

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Steering Just Got Stiff

Postby roy666 » Sat 30.05.2015, 11:43

Hi All. All of a sudden, after leaving my S2 parked in the garage overnight, while taking it out I noticed that the steering was more stiff then normal (no jokes please). Checked the PAS level, no problems, no leaks anywhere. Pump seems to be working. I was told once that there is a UJ at the bottom of the steering column behind the bulkhead that can not be easily accessed and this sometime starts to seize up. Any thoughts would be helpful. thanks. M
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Re: Steering Just Got Stiff

Postby Enright » Sat 30.05.2015, 12:04

First thing to check would be tyre pressures.
Then if you put "+universal +joint" in the search box the first topic that comes up with "steering" in the title is this one which may give you a few pointers:
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Re: Steering Just Got Stiff

Postby epipete » Sat 30.05.2015, 12:43

And if it's the Joint and you want to go 2nd hand there is one on ebay currently no bids, £5.00 + £5.00 postage search : M100 lower Steering U Joint - time left = 27hrs

Oh, there is also a steering rack!
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