Chassis repair

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Chassis repair

Postby pete_exe » Wed 09.12.2015, 23:58

Uh-oh. It turns out I have found a small stress crack on the bottom of my chassis, directly underneath the gear shifter. SJ Sportscars told me it occured on the early chassis before a reinforcing plate was fitted. Can this be repaired and or plated? It's in accessible position, once the exhaust is removed, and can you recommend anyone to do it in the south west? Otherwise I'll be seeking offers on an otherwise straight M100 Turbo with 67K and a very recent MOT.
Cheers Peter
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Re: Chassis repair

Postby Enright » Thu 10.12.2015, 00:18

I've not heard of this one before - SJ's are certainly experts in their field. Didn't they say anything about aftermarket repair?
I would have thought that if the exhaust can be shifted out of the way then welding a repair plate on there should be a job that any decent garage should be perfectly equipped to do. After all the chassis is only painted steel. Would be interested to see pics if possible, and please report back on progress with the issue.
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Re: Chassis repair

Postby pete_exe » Thu 10.12.2015, 00:34

Thanks for rapid response. Yes SJ thought it could be done but not by them (understood). I'll go to my local guy and let you know, it didn't fail MOT. Cheers Peter
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Re: Chassis repair

Postby Simon_P » Thu 10.12.2015, 01:53


You need pictures:

1.of the Crack
2. of the reinforcing plate in situ
3. a cardboard cut-out of the reinforcing plate

Then take to a welder and say one like that please, or get a mobile welder to come to you.
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