1,000 mile extended weekend vacation

Our Elans were built to be driven and not all of us want to to use them on Track Days. If you use, or plan to use, your Elan as a Grand Tourer and have completed or are planning some great trips then inspire the rest of us with the details.

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1,000 mile extended weekend vacation

Postby tedtaylor » Thu 09.11.2017, 03:32

Just got back from an excellent ride with the wife. We "got away" Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Left southern New Jersey for the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. Beautiful scenery, rolling hills, twisty roads, top down driving (and a little rain too). In total, rattled off nearly 1,000 trouble free miles. Of course I love my wife and enjoyed my time alone with her, however I'm also being quite honest in openly stating that I thoroughly enjoyed the drive each day in all kinds of weather and driving conditions. Even coming home, the rain turned to snow flurries in the mountains, the traffic got busy, the darkness fell, and the driving intense, but overall still a joy. It's just a Lotus-only thing I guess. Driving one is unlike any other. I've been racking up the mileage on what was my previously "low mileage" original car. Now just hit 60K miles. Ouch, but worth it all.
Only a couple pictures as my camera broke mid-trip. Between new computers and old cameras, i'm not having any luck!!! :)


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Re: 1,000 mile extended weekend vacation

Postby Saltire » Thu 09.11.2017, 08:20

Sounds like a great trip :burnout:

I agree about new computers; there was absolutely nothing wrong with Windows XP (and, further back, 3.1). However, there are a number of public domain photo resizing tools on the internet, including several which integrate Into the right click menu. I’m not at my computer at present, but I’ll have a look and see which one I use when I get back to the keyboard.

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Re: 1,000 mile extended weekend vacation

Postby simonbuk » Thu 09.11.2017, 12:50

Yep, definitely need pictures !! Sounds like a great trip !!

I use http://jpeg-optimizer.com , not saying its the best but just the one i use.
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Re: 1,000 mile extended weekend vacation

Postby Giniw » Thu 09.11.2017, 13:14

Why would you use a website to resize a photo?!
As for the current Windows 10, of course you can resize a photo even without downloading a third party software. Which one were you using with Windows XP? Paint? It's still there of course!
That being said I have been using Irfanview for ages and I am still quite happy with it — http://www.irfanview.com.

(Yes we want the photos!! :-D )
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