1100 clicks to Lago di Garda (Italy)

Our Elans were built to be driven and not all of us want to to use them on Track Days. If you use, or plan to use, your Elan as a Grand Tourer and have completed or are planning some great trips then inspire the rest of us with the details.

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1100 clicks to Lago di Garda (Italy)

Postby HJ2 » Sat 08.08.2009, 17:53

I just wanted to keep you posted (if possible) about our trip to Italy.
This starts where i left with my other posts about my voltageregulators failing slowly...

So, this morning the spare alternator arrived. We had all he luggage ready, and i developed a good Elan packing strategy... I put everything loose in the boot, no bags! This way it is easy to use all the space in the irregular shaped sections (30% of the boot ?) On top of everuthing i packed 2 big folded bags so we can take our stuff to the hotel. It is realy amazing how much will fit in the back! :shock:

The spare alternator is also packed in case the original fails (fingers crossed!) Thanks to an excellent tip my last stop before taking off was to buy an alternator belt, just in case... About 10% of the boot is filled with tools, and fluids, just in case :-)

Now we have our first stop in Heerlen (NL) to drop off the dog. My niece who will stay in our house while away did'nt want to watch over the poor fellow :?
Tonight we will leave at 5 o clock and enter Germany for the remaining 900 Km's.

Just popped the bonnet and have a quick inspection
(please be seated)

The voltage regulaters gave almost no troubles, in the past 250 Km's i observed it only once dropping below 12,6 V. and only for a brief period. All systems go.

I also noted that the Cam Bung thingey started leaking again, resulting in an oily right side of the engine. Let's hope it's the only leak. All systems go (anyway)

The new Cam belt, pulley's and waterpump are operating just fine, no surprises here. All systems go.

I poured half a bottle of radweld in the coolant before the trip because it was still leaky (survived my trackday without a problem. The coolant system appears totaly leak free. All systems go. Uhm.. wait.. I see a bit of foam in the header tank. It appears that there is still a small but not increasing leak in the headgasket. Coolant pressure looks still OK to me.

Of course i worry a bit about all of these things, but since God knows we REALY need a vacation (finaly) I decided to drive tomorrow as planned.

So.. Wish us luck! I'll keep you posted if Internet is available.
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Re: 1100 clicks to Lago di Garda (Italy)

Postby Nige » Sat 08.08.2009, 18:11

Have great trip, we went to Lake Garda a few years ago (not in an Elan though) and had a good time. Try the Garda Land Theme Park whilst you're there (just down the coast near Bardolino).
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Re: 1100 clicks to Lago di Garda (Italy)

Postby BFG in the BRG » Sat 08.08.2009, 18:35

Have a great trip, it sounds fantastic, now that you have packed up your spares, I bet everything behaves itself.

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