The transfagarashan - Romania (featured on top gear)

Our Elans were built to be driven and not all of us want to to use them on Track Days. If you use, or plan to use, your Elan as a Grand Tourer and have completed or are planning some great trips then inspire the rest of us with the details.

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The transfagarashan - Romania (featured on top gear)

Postby Mikee » Wed 17.08.2011, 00:30


For those into driving (i assume that is all of you, else why own an elan). 2 weeks ago i went on a tour of romania and essentially followed the top gear episode when they went to the road ceaucescu built in the mountains.

Now I loved the braemer pass and the drive up to Balmoral, it was trully incredible. But this! This is without doubt one of the most spectacular man made structures I have ever seen. Literally a racetrack, with fantastic corners, straights banked hairpins, reverses, cutting down a mountain valley, trully astonishing.

Without doubt the (one of - havent done them all) greatest roads in the world. Eveyone should drive it. The journey to it is tough. Long and hard over very poor surface, often on the wrong side of the road to avoid pot holes the size of the car. But in the end, its worth it. Worth every second of the hours it took.

Its relatively easy to find. Some pics.

PS: Pinky have you ever done it on one of your forays to the east?

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Re: The transfagarashan - Romania (featured on top gear)

Postby djcar » Wed 17.08.2011, 05:15

Looks Fantastic! :clap:
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Re: The transfagarashan - Romania (featured on top gear)

Postby dapinky » Wed 17.08.2011, 07:18

Mikee wrote:PS: Pinky have you ever done it on one of your forays to the east?

I've done it in a diesel VW golf, but not in an elan.

When i went there (early 1990's) the chance of getting an elan into the country would be nil (well, if you wanted to bring it out again, anyway!) so i was limited to local vehicles - and i didn't fancy it in an Artic.

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

go on - click this link - you know you want to!
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Re: The transfagarashan - Romania (featured on top gear)

Postby Rambo » Wed 17.08.2011, 07:59

Looks a bit like the Applecross pass (Bealach na Ba) only wider and longer and more bends and higher mountains
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