A drive in the country

Our Elans were built to be driven and not all of us want to to use them on Track Days. If you use, or plan to use, your Elan as a Grand Tourer and have completed or are planning some great trips then inspire the rest of us with the details.

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A drive in the country

Postby Fetnas » Mon 05.03.2012, 06:33

I was debating whether I should post this in the "Things that made you smile" toipc because it sure put a grin on my dial :-D

A mate of mine who is a morotcyclist put together a group of people and planned out the attached driving trip out to the hills to the North East of Melbourne. The weather had been pretty bad with huge rain falls for the preceeding week which were just clearing on Sunday morning with the occational short sharp shower during the morning.
The Route

After having the car off the road for basically a year and having hardely driven it since I shipped it out of the UK, I took it easy at first, but the temptation of chasing down 3 bikes got the better of me. I was impressed with how well the Elan kept up with the bikes. They'd get away from me out of the corners but I'd be right on them under breaking and cornering.

It was raining heavily whilst driving through one section of thick forrest. The bikes backed off a lot and let me go through to the front where I quickly left them behind. Lots of tight hirpins and winding bends. I locked a front brake for a moment on one corner but that was the only time the car lost traction, it's amazing how well these little cars stick to the road. I guess the relitively fresh Toyo TR1s had a bit to do that.

I'm looking forward to the next good drive already! :burnout:
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Re: A drive in the coutry

Postby HJ2 » Mon 05.03.2012, 09:48

That sounds like fun!
I looked at the route in Google streetview, i whish we had twisties like that over here!
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