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Postby Giniw » Thu 20.07.2017, 00:24

(For the record, I just tried to download Geoff's sample picture ( ... 240021.jpg) with wget (a command line download utility) and I confirm it can be downloaded directly by changing the referrer as expected)
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Postby LotusDriver2 » Sat 22.07.2017, 15:19

Excatly that's a lot of money. Don't do this just don't share and don't pay. Why you pay them to keep the photos? Is not better to keep photos in some other place?
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Postby Tuga2112 » Sun 29.04.2018, 00:01

i have been using tinyPicevery since imageshack decided to change their contract and not allow [img] tags to link to their pictures.
its 100% free
you need to register to make it work
but if you register, you get a few extra options and some management of your folders
im sure theres some extra bonuses for paying customers, but i never looked into those.
im not sure about privacy limitations with this host, but tbh i dont really care. they cant do anything that will harm me with the pictures i host there, most of them are just status report and asking for help pictures of my cars.

Ideally i would be using a host service that would allow me to FTP transfer my files usinf filezilla, since sometimes uploading 20-50 pictures in 1 go with batches of 5 is really tedious.
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