Copying Satnav Disks

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Copying Satnav Disks

Postby epipete » Fri 22.01.2016, 08:13

Hi, can any one advise on this oblique request.

I have a Freelander II with built in SatNav, the problem being is that the disk would seem to be for Western Europe (which doesn't include Cyprus). This is not the end of the world but, nevertheless, is really annoying!!!

Is it straightforward to copy a disk (if I can find one local) and does anyone know what compatable systems are fitted to other marques and models? Jaguar, BMWs etc for example!

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Re: Copying Satnav Disks

Postby Nickydee » Fri 22.01.2016, 10:42

Hi Pete

These are are lots of websites offering updated maps for OEM sat nav. I used one recently to update the disc in my Audi. They all look quite professional but i think the copyright is dubious.
I paid £30 for a upgraded Maps and a system upgrade as opposed to a quote from Audi of nearer £500. Part of the reason was Audi insist that the software update is done by a main dealer technician.

Mine came as a download only and with a full instructions was easy to install and is working well.


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Re: Copying Satnav Disks

Postby lotusflasherman » Fri 22.01.2016, 23:22

I bought a cheap update DVD for the built-in SatNav on my Subaru several years ago as the original DVD marked as 2005 had me driving in fields when on roads that had been built before 2000. That worked fine until last November when it started playing up while in the south of France and I could hear the DVD skipping tracks. When I got home I bought a lens cleaning disc with little brushes (£2.49) and a pack of 5 x 8.5GB DVD's (£2.99) from ebay as the SatNav has 7.8GB of data on it so won't fit on the more common 4.7GB DVD's that I had loads of.

I inspected the DVD and couldn't see any problems but still copied it onto a 8.5GB DVD. Used the lens cleaner and the original update DVD started working again but couldn't get my copy to work. As SatNav was working again I didn't investigate why my copy didn't work but decided maybe I'd get another more recent update DVD.

Looked at where I got mine and can't see Cyprus on any of the 4 Freelander DVD's... :cry:

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