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Cat on Skates?

PostPosted: Sat 27.11.2010, 22:38
by peteoddcar
Did anyone do any re runs of the COS stickers? I would like to get hold of one.

Memories from the past

PostPosted: Sun 28.11.2010, 11:44
by Specky
Can I have a crazy guess on the reg please... :-D

It might trigger those grey cells...

Car 451




B479 RDX


Re: Memories from the past

PostPosted: Thu 08.12.2011, 22:56
by peteoddcar
Hi all,
Its been a while since I have been on the forum - I wont bore you all with the tedious "year I've ad" suffice to say that I still have my Elan. Anyway I think that was the reg of the BRG Elan NA.
I will have a look in my loft where I am sure I have got a few items of memorabilia.I have a polished and sectioned Elan piston on a board that was presented to me when I left by the guys in Electrical. That was in March 1991 to go to Reinshagen UK( part of the Packard Electric group owned by General Motors) Reinshagen was the company who made wiring looms for the Lotus Engineering developed Lotus Carlton.I think Elan looms were made by Rists Wires & Cables.A feature of the Elan was that it used a lot of the expensive Raychem hi temp wire in the engine bay loom, the injector and dress loom was supplied on the engine.
Those who were at Lotus at the time will remember that there was a little bit of uncertainty about the future as it was clear that GM had to sell its Jewel that was Lotus, but to whom I for one did not like the idea of Proton. I had a young family and a mortgage so jumped ship.... I have often wondered what would have been if I had not. I heard just today one of my old colleagues who hung on at Lotus through thick and thin has recently left to go to Caterham Cars just up the road
I was a resident engineer for Reinshage based permanently at Ford Dunton doing design and development of wiring looms for Ford Transits.Interesting that Ford used a GM supplier.That company is now called Delphi.

Re: Cat on Skates?

PostPosted: Sun 03.06.2012, 18:16
by Specky
peteoddcar wrote:Did anyone do any re runs of the COS stickers? I would like to get hold of one.

Yes and No...

They weren't the 5" orange and white Lotus sticker, but there are two LEC varients.

I believe the internal windscreen stickers are still available.

If you have no joy in sourcing one, I'll see what I can dig out.


Re: Cat on Skates?

PostPosted: Fri 20.07.2012, 21:12
by peteoddcar
Any luck with the stickers - Been off line for a while again mainly work pressures - I still have my Elan - its been keeping me on my toes mantainence wise - blew an oil pipe on the way to work a few weks ago - luck it was a dark misog day and I glimpsed the oil light and I was on overun down a hill - I pulled off the road and waited for the AA - I walked back up the hill and the entire oil slick was less than 100 yrds long - rubber oil line blew off at the bundy engine end - pipe was soggy and perished. Pirtek crimped some new rubber on my fittings and charged me just £18 - great result.

Engine is fine - now has 5W-40 ( i think) fully synthetic Castrol Edge oil

Re: Cat on Skates?

PostPosted: Sat 21.07.2012, 10:47
by tb10
Are there any copyright restrictions on these at all? I can ask my nephew if he can print as he runs a print company and get prices if you like?



Re: Cat on Skates?

PostPosted: Tue 05.08.2014, 22:26
by Brmelan
Hi did you ever get any stickers made ?
if so I would love to get hold of one