Who did this ?

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Who did this ?

Postby clemo » Thu 02.03.2017, 22:24

Lotus Vauxhall at work ?
M100 tigra .

Jim Clark S2 - 1/12. The one with the Yellow spoke wheels . No 613 on dash (pushed in to factory in wrong order 615 on tub)
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Re: Who did this ?

Postby Giniw » Thu 02.03.2017, 22:45

The coupe variant? Peter Stevens did it :D (it's an official cancelled project)

As something of a ‘post script’, after leaving Lotus in 1989 I was asked by a very small but dedicated group of Lotus engineers how they might propose a lighter, cheaper coupe version of the Elan. At that point in time Lotus was in a very turbulent state, an attempted management buy-out by a couple of directors was badly viewed by ‘old school’ Lotus employees, and they wanted to put a coupe proposal to some GM directors to show how the appeal of the Elan could be widened. Using a local model making company, ‘Dove Company Design’, and with myself ‘moonlighting’ from Mclaren, we quickly built a proper running prototype which we showed to a group of GM directors; part of the show was a couple of tables filled with no longer needed parts together with a much revised bill of materials. The headlights, for example, were from the Opel Calibra and they saved both weight and a large amount of money. (20) Unfortunately this suggestion fell into a boiling vat of politics and disappeared from sight. It would seem that it was not in the interest of some top Lotus people that the Elan should be a continuing success.

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Re: Who did this ?

Postby lotusflasherman » Thu 02.03.2017, 23:30

Such a shame - it looks really 'slippery'.. If the M100 has CD 0.34 hood up, 0.38 down, I reckon that must be around 0.30 . Bet they saved some weight too - "part of the show was a couple of tables filled with no longer needed parts together with a much revised bill of materials."

Worthwhile following Peter Stevens on Facebook as he posts some really interesting articles and commentary on current car design. (Link in previous post so I won't repeat it).

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