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Cobra Alarm and Central Locking

PostPosted: Sat 26.09.2020, 11:06
by gwiz22
I have a 1990 M100 with 32,00 miles on the clock. It is fitted with a Cobra 8185 alarm. Does anyone have experience of these and the central locking sytem as I have the following issues:

1. Pressing the unlock button on the Cobra remote unlocks then immediately re-locks. This is intermittent. The re-locking does not happen when I open the car using the key in the door. I think this is a Cobra problem.
2. When using the key in the door, the central locking only unlocks the drivers door. I assume the central locking should unlock both doors. I think this is a central locking problem.
3. I changed the battery in the Cobra remote fob and now it doesn't work. I read the synchronising instructions in the Cobra handbook. It says hold down both buttons and the LED should flash for 10 seconds, then go out. On mine the LED stays on full and bright and never goes out, so no synchronising happens.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Cobra Alarm and Central Locking

PostPosted: Sat 26.09.2020, 11:52
by Blaster
I had something similar in that it would unlock after locking and the drivers door did not unlock the passengers. It was a combination of two things.

1. was the wire for the lock switch on the drivers door was cut in the connector under the dash board.
2. the lock button on the passengers door was not allowing full movement of the lock making the system think it had not locked the door.

Re: Cobra Alarm and Central Locking

PostPosted: Mon 28.09.2020, 11:26
by gwiz22
Thanks for your response. That all seems to make sense. Hopefuly I'll find the same issues as I am hoping not to have to replace the whols alarm system.

Re: Cobra Alarm and Central Locking

PostPosted: Mon 28.09.2020, 12:59
by Blaster
That's what I am in the process of doing. I have added a solenoid to the boot and changing to a flip remote with boot release that way I need just the one key but keep the door key to hand in case of emergencies.

I like to know how the alarm disables my car just in case of failures.

Re: Cobra Alarm and Central Locking

PostPosted: Wed 07.10.2020, 21:15
by petezipp
yes I had problems with cobra systems and I was a door latch Test manager.
I went for a very cheap CDL unit ( sorry Chinese ) which i could use a boot opener and It was better.
( subsequently had to replace it once in 7 years) but very cheap.
You can get ones which the key will fit in.
Please note operation of the Door Latch/switch will need to be in working order .
Cabinet lift units help the boot to pop up
good luck