Cheap Oil???

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Cheap Oil???

Postby dermotbell » Mon 16.02.2009, 23:26

I don't know if others have used OPIE Oil for their engine oil requirements, but I thought their Edge 10/60 was cheap (£37.28 incl VAT + approx 6.45 delivery), especially as my Club Lotus membership got me the 4L tin for £33.55. They quite often post on forums with free deilvery. I saw this on an Excel forum. Maybe one of our senior members could contact them to be one of the recognised club organisations and we could get free delivery when available.

Incidentally I bought 2 tins and the delivery changed to 7.53.......I missed the free delivery by a couple of days but needed the oil.

PS they offer discounts on bulk buying i.e. even 2 offers a discount - £65.08 for the 2x4L so I recouped the delivery increase and more.
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