Coolant Change

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Coolant Change

Postby epipete » Mon 25.11.2013, 16:21

Currently undertaking some maintenance so have the front elevated on ramps (the rear wheels are chocked on the garage floor).

Would anyone have a view as to what the lowest point of the coolant system might be? I suspect that it is still the radiator.

The reason being is that I'm lazy and want to flush the coolant, and at the same time change the hoses and radiator and fans and don't want to be up, down, up etc etc if I can avoid it. Can any one see any problems with my being so idle in this fluid flush/change?

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Re: Coolant Change

Postby Dave Eds » Mon 25.11.2013, 16:56

Yep bottom hoses on rad unless you jack it up too high!
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Re: Coolant Change

Postby HJ2 » Mon 25.11.2013, 20:46


Have your diving suit ready, especially with the stock hoses still in place :bonk:
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