Interesting Engine Tuning Article

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Interesting Engine Tuning Article

Postby simonbuk » Wed 13.09.2017, 12:32

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Re: Interesting Engine Tuning Article

Postby Brit-Car-Nut » Wed 13.09.2017, 12:44

Only problem is that is ancient and most sources are long gone AND it is about the GEO STORM which is similar to the M100 NA, not turbo.
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Re: Interesting Engine Tuning Article

Postby lotusflasherman » Wed 13.09.2017, 14:39

Was an interesting read but not relevant to SE... seems Isuzu & Geo Storm tuning is 'a can of worms' and the link to Isuzuperformance reveals 'a nest of vipers' within the community. I read that with interest as many years ago Bill Luton (Isuzuperformance) supplied the short shift conversion I fitted on my 2nd SE.

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