Manuals ? ebay ?

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Manuals ? ebay ?

Postby pure » Fri 12.10.2012, 07:36

I've tried the link for access/login codes, but I've never had any replies. So I'm assuming that the manuals are no longer available on here. So my question is where can I get one ?
There's a dude on ebay selling them, but he's in australia, has anyone bought one of those ? Is it complete ? I wonder what happens with customs when you order something from austalia :?

Any other places where I can get one from ?
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Re: Manuals ? ebay ?

Postby Fredjohn » Fri 12.10.2012, 07:55

The manuals are still available on this site. I only joined LEC in August but have access to them.

Guess you should apply for a login code again. It does take a while as everyone here has a normal life life and help admin LEC as a hobby not a full time job.

It was worth the wait though as all the manuals are there incl parts workshop time schedules and the manuals themselves. A wealth of valuable info for free.

Good luck.
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Re: Manuals ? ebay ?

Postby HJ2 » Fri 12.10.2012, 08:42

Hi Pure!

In the end somebody will respond, so keep trying!
In the mean while, perhaps you can do something with this?

Perhaps you'll need to gegister, but everything's here.
Good luck!

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Re: Manuals ? ebay ?

Postby Jeemy » Fri 12.10.2012, 14:31

If you are struggling, I don't think its against forum rules for me to post you a download link for the parts manual. If it is, slap wrists and delete my post: ... e%20v6.pdf
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Re: Manuals ? ebay ?

Postby Brit-Car-Nut » Fri 12.10.2012, 15:19

Also available here: These are cleaned versions without the Do Not Copy watermark.

Also for an on-line research area. YOu don't have to buy from them as they charge the highest Lotus price, but their catalogue is handy for reverse research as you can enter a prt number and it brings up the section that contains it.
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Re: Manuals ? ebay ?

Postby surfboardfiller » Wed 09.04.2014, 09:31

If anyone has web space to host the manuals on line please get in touch. This will be my library with no shitty 'copy right' notice on.
This is in the interest of keeping our cars maintained properly and information referenced and available to all.

Its hard enough getting parts and finding a trusted mechanic to do the work without this anally retentive dictatorial stance we seem to have on LEC. Time to loosen up!

Download manuals here


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