90s NLD Articles in Dutch Autovisie, Autokampioen

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90s NLD Articles in Dutch Autovisie, Autokampioen

Postby leondewit » Sun 18.11.2012, 18:49

Hi there!

I recently got hold of some articles on the Elan at introduction in The Netherlands. I really like having them, but this also needs sharing!
I reckon these are a great read for anyone interested in the Elan (and who can read Dutch obviously).

The 2.0 MB restriction here lets me upload only one of three interesting articles I have scanned. If you´re interested in reading the others, let me know to e-mail it to you!

Autokampioen NOV1989 - Lotus Elan SE (2.3 MB)
Autovisie JUN1991 - Lotus Elan SE comparison TVR S3 - Donkervoort S8AT - BMW Z1(5.1 MB)
Autovisie MRT1990 - Lotus Elan SE (attached)

Autovisie MRT1990 - Lotus Elan SE.pdf
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