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Article of Belgium

Postby DTF » Sun 22.10.2017, 16:19

Article of Belgium :roll: ... term=news1

Fluted model: Lotus Elan M100
The first copies of this Lotus Elan were built in 1989, but to understand the correct background of this model, we have to go back to the second half of the 80's. At that time, Lotus did not look good. Despite restylings and facelifts, the customers quickly realized that the Esprit was no longer the youngest. The Excel was again a disaster in terms of reliability. So there was an urgent need for a new model to win the customers for themselves.

Legendary name
What better than the past to boost today? That's what she should have thought of General Motors, then owner of Lotus, when she retrieved the name "Elan" from the slide. In the 1960s and 1970s, Elan was a great sports car, giving the British brand wings. The version of the 80's on the other hand ...

Wrong drive
The aesthetic qualities of the model were not the reason, because they fit perfectly in the spirit of time. The drive once again shivered: Lotus was a champion in rear-wheel drive, but this Elan got ... front-wheel drive. Under the hood was not even a Lotus engine, but a block of Isuzu. Quatons claim that this was better for reliability, and they might have been right. But the fervent fans of the brand saw this front-wheeled sports car with Japanese engine with members eyes.

Real qualities
However, the Elan M100 should be in its time, as well as Lotus. His driving behavior was lively and balanced, the front axle was particularly clever and the performance could compete with sturdier material. The Isuzu engine produced thanks to a turbo 165 hp and the weight ranged around a ton (thanks to composite materials in the carriage). As a result, the Elan reached 100 km / h in 7 seconds and reached a top speed of 220 km / h. Cherry on the cake: The Japanese block could without problems 300,000 kilometers without oil loss. A prime for the brand.

Big problem
The fate, however, was not favorable to this small car. His biggest problem was the Mazda MX-5, which was more affordable, at about the same time, was more cheerful and had rear-wheel drive. In addition, the electronics in the Lotus once again left ...
Career end
At the end of 1992, after having been in production for less than three years, GM threw the towel in the ring. Lotus was resold to Romano Artioli. The Italian businessman was busy with the resurgence of Bugatti, with the EB110. Artioli decided to restart production shortly, with :evil: a cheaper Lotus Elan, which produced less than 10 pcs. Only 800 pieces were produced. There could have ended the story, but another third party came up: Kia. The Koreans bought the rights to the model and produced 1,000 copies for the Asian market.

The engine is the only Japanese component and so ... the only component that does not cause any problems. If he was carefully maintained, he could use high mileage. For the rest, be careful: the electricity leads its own life, the steel chassis and the steel suspension elements are sensitive to rust. Calculate € 10,000 to € 16,000 for a nice copy. The more expensive models have the steering wheel on the left. Try searching among the 4,700 copies with a watertight maintenance history. No simple task! — geërgerd.
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Re: Article of Belgium

Postby epipete » Mon 23.10.2017, 00:18

And the point is???
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