The bespoke Header / A pillar seal....

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Re: The bespoke Header / A pillar seal....

Postby clemo » Wed 09.05.2018, 19:05

Jamie N wrote:
Rambo wrote:Now the better weather is here I'll arrange to get the Black Beastie up to you at a mutually convenient time Jamie. But first, I need an MOT. I don't envisage any problems with the BB though. My emissions are the lowest I've ever seen on an Elan and the rest of the car is in top condition as you know, apart from the A pillar sponges, so looking forward to your shiny, black rubber onesie :lol:

PS The Yellow Peril sailed through its MOT today :burnout:

No problem Mark, whenever suits you. ;-)

cough cough would love to meet both you and Mark this year ...
oh in your front garden you say Jamie .
Jim Clark S2 - 1/13. The one with the Yellow spoke wheels . No 613 on dash (pushed in to factory in wrong order 615 on tub)
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