Roger Becker


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Roger Becker

Postby M100_DMM » Fri 24.02.2017, 14:26

It's been reported today that Roger Becker, former Director of Vehicle Engineering at Group Lotus and who was an integral part of the M100 project, has passed away:

Apart from his terrific contribution to Group Lotus over his 44 years with the company, Roger will forever be remembered as the man who drove the Esprit S1 in 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. His was indeed a life well spent.
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Re: Roger Becker

Postby uk08462 » Fri 24.02.2017, 19:37

Just saw this on FB. Very sad news. RIP Roger
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Re: Roger Becker

Postby lotusflasherman » Fri 24.02.2017, 21:38

This was Roger driving The Spy Who Loved Me Esprit because the stunt man couldn't hack it ....Spy Who Loved Me chase :bowdown:

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Re: Roger Becker

Postby Rusty Wishbone » Sat 25.02.2017, 19:35

Very sad. His contribution to Lotus and how the cars handle was so important, I believe that Lotus released Roger Becker special edition Elises and Exiges in his honour when he retired.
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Re: Roger Becker

Postby C3LOS » Wed 01.03.2017, 23:31

I work closely with his son Matt Becker...sad times
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