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Re: Dave T

Postby Dave Eds » Sun 26.01.2020, 16:15


Dave's funeral will be held in Woodhall Spa, Lincs at 2pm on Wednesday this coming week

Chris, Deirdre and I will be attending as friends of both Dave and Maxine, and of course as representatives of LEC.

Of course Maxine, and Dave's family, would be pleased to see anyone else from the forum that knew Dave that wishes to attend, but fully appreciate that as a community we are spread far and wide across not only the UK but the world, and therefore not many may be able to attend. However if any of you wish to and are able to attend I will happily be the point of contact to coordinate and facilitate this for them.

As expected Dave did not want flowers, but instead donations where possible to the Christie Hospital in Manchester to help their ongoing research into finding treatments for cancer. He spent many hours there not only for his own cancer, but in his quest to help other sufferers.

Please PM if you wish to attend.

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Re: Dave T

Postby ShaunM » Tue 28.01.2020, 22:31

Just heard the sad news of Dave's passing. My condolences to Maxine and Dave's family.

DaveT was the first person from LEC that I had the pleasure of meeting. I will never forget that day.

I had only just registered on the forum so was a complete stranger, but he kindly invited me down to Ipswich to take me for a drive and give advice on the Elan.

We drove around the town while he told me how amazing the car was to drive and with Dave being a driving instructor and his genuine and total affection for the car it really impressed on me what great a car it must be.

I remember the 2 young girls that waved and shouted as we drive past ("you'll get that a lot"), and I also remember a vauxhall corsa racing past us as we set off from the traffic lights ("you'll also get that a lot").

After what felt like 10 minutes but was an hour and a half, we went back to his place and chatted for ages, Dave giving me advice and lots of encouragement to buy an Elan. I remember driving home thinking I definitely would be getting an Elan and how amazingly kind and generous Dave was.

There are other memories of course including the Southwold Fish n Chip run and of course Dave's inspiration for us in getting tested and getting fundraising after his diagnosis (thanks to the generosity of the LEC community, my friends and family we raised a £865 for 2 Prostate Charities doing 2 triathlon in 2013 and 2014).

But that first meeting with Dave will always be with me - an instantly genuine, kind and generous man as anyone who had the fortune to meet him knew.

Rest in peace Dave.
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Re: Dave T

Postby texas2201 » Wed 29.01.2020, 00:25

Just seen this.... So sad ...RIP Dave ... My thoughts go out to Maxime and family

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