Heater matrix

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Re: Heater matrix

Postby lotusnut » Sun 22.12.2013, 20:19

I replaced my matrix last year, the old one was blocked solid, nothing would pass through, not even compressed air. When I got it all back together the heater was brilliant, as Lansledj said well good enough for this cold weather. Also I put some commercial cleaning/flushing fluid into the old matrix without diluting it and even that would not clear it. To replace the matrix is a complete dash out job, not a 5 minute fix. You could try disconnecting the two pipes under the bonnet and connecting a hosepipe and flushing through both ways but I wouldn't hold out much hope. By the way,If you had thought of fitting a Lambda sensor (if you haven't already got one fitted), its much easier to run the wires when the dash is out. Good luck.
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