coolant leak

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coolant leak

Postby woodcock » Mon 11.08.2014, 19:19

A few weeks ago I flushed the coolant system and refilled with recommended anti-freeze. I now have a very slow leak/drip that shows itself on little casting "pips" on the left lower back side of the transmission housing, just below the header tank.
I suspect, and hope, it is dripping from the header tank hose connection. Before I dive into the relatively "simple" job of removing the header tank I thought I put it out to the collective wisdom/experience of the group for comment. Ron
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Re: coolant leak

Postby lotusgirlmarie » Mon 11.08.2014, 20:59

Check the underside of the header tank for coolant. They have a Nasty habit of cracking on the back underside.
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