Radiator cooling fan replacement

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Radiator cooling fan replacement

Postby C3LOS » Mon 03.04.2017, 22:06

After a squealing fan and the "drill a hole in the back plate and add some oil" sadly not working, I am going to replace it.
SJsportscars sell a fan for £59 and am looking to purchase it, but is it going to be easy to fit without taking the front end off the car? I am hoping to remove it by undoing the 4 fixings and sliding it down and out underneath the car.
The one I am replacing is the one on the right hand side as you look at the front of the car (not the one in front of the turbo)
Plus do you recommend the fan from SJ?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Radiator cooling fan replacement

Postby alan e » Mon 03.04.2017, 23:13

There was a group buy for a set of plastic fans some time ago two for £80 it may be worth contacting Gordon he may be able to help, the plastic fans are miles better then the rusting metal type.
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Re: Radiator cooling fan replacement

Postby novacaine » Tue 04.04.2017, 09:12

I just found an eBay universal alternative, never had any issues since. Plastic, slimline and far more efficient that the old metal Renault fans. Just make sure to buy the right size and flow direction.

Also replacing the fans is very easy, you just need to get the car up on jack stands and fit them from the underneath.

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