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Postby Luis Freeman » Tue 16.05.2017, 23:14

Hi chaps new to the forum

Have a S2 in blue and recently did a coolant flush. Took the pipe off the water pump and stuck the hose pipe down it and flushed the horrid orange gunk out.
Now we have a Jaguar S type and I bought some coolant for that and had fluid left over for the Lotus so I just dumped it in and added water and got it up to the correct levels in the tank. It is only temporary cause the cart is going into the garage for about a month or two and don't want water corroding anything.

Could anyone help me on what the exact amount of coolant I need and what bran etc would be a great help!
Car is in a hot country 30 degrees plus in the summer so will need a good brand.


Luis Freeman
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