Coolant Hose Leak C100K0026F

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Coolant Hose Leak C100K0026F

Postby lotuselanman » Wed 01.11.2017, 23:31

Hi Everyone! After over a year of absence and not driving in NYC - I am finally back at it. I need to fix my car up and one of the biggest issues is the coolant hose leaking. Just wondering if anyone has an extra C100K0026F that they don't need. I have some M100 parts I may be willing to trade or could pay for one as the price for them runs fairly high $190. Thanks so much! :m100:
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Re: Coolant Hose Leak C100K0026F

Postby Rambo » Thu 02.11.2017, 10:23

If you search using that part no. wi*th SJ Sportscars in Devon, UK you will find they come up with a more reasonably priced alternative (£39 vs £108 :shock: ) You would obviously have to factor in VAT, packing and postage charges to the States which would bump it up a bit ... rchresults

Alternatively, someone may have kept their old pipe when they repaced theirs with the Amber Performance Samco ones
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