Missing Heater Valve

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Missing Heater Valve

Postby lotusrepair » Sun 06.10.2019, 03:06

What heater valve fits the car? Thanks to Ted at the garage tour today for letting me poke around his car. I had a vac line in the engine bay that was not hooked up. Looking at his very nice m100 I found the same line connected to a heater valve. On my car there was no valve. A previous owner must have removed it and there is a straight coupling where the valve should be. Now to fix it. So what valve fits in that area? There are many generic valves but do they fit?

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Re: Missing Heater Valve

Postby GeoffSmith » Sun 06.10.2019, 08:38

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Re: Missing Heater Valve

Postby donsladek » Sat 12.10.2019, 23:18

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