LOTUS ELAN M100 BIGGY [ CASTLE COMBE ] - 26th May 2018

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Re: LOTUS ELAN M100 BIGGY [ CASTLE COMBE ] - 26th May 2018

Postby JusNoGood » Sat 14.04.2018, 16:00

alan e wrote:
JusNoGood wrote:Ah right!

I’ll wear my Cameron Diaz car washing outfit if the weathers nice. The hairy beer belly will love getting some fresh air. L :-D

That's it please take my name off the list at my age i don't need that :D

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Re: LOTUS ELAN M100 BIGGY [ CASTLE COMBE ] - 26th May 2018

Postby Rambo » Sun 15.04.2018, 17:59

Detailing ?? Is that an Americanism for cleaning ? :smt017
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Re: LOTUS ELAN M100 BIGGY [ CASTLE COMBE ] - 26th May 2018

Postby clemo » Sun 15.04.2018, 18:10

Paintwork is what we call it Detailing is what the garage calls it = add £xxx
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Re: LOTUS ELAN M100 BIGGY [ CASTLE COMBE ] - 26th May 2018

Postby lotusflasherman » Sun 15.04.2018, 20:17

Rambo wrote:Detailing ?? Is that an Americanism for cleaning ? :smt017

Yeah - it's cleaning for those with OCD .. :lol:

we used to call it 'Valeting' .. firm near me offers mobile Valeting service ... www.reflectedimage.co.uk/valeting
prices start around £50 inside / £50 outside for Valeting

They also offer 'Detailing' ... interior starts at £120, exterior £150 or £250 or £300 ... or whatever the mugs will pay.

My local hand car wash that I use only charge £4 for a hand wash outside and £4 to vacuum clean the inside of the Elan but I always give them 'a tenner' - that'll do me, it will be dirty again by the time I get to Slough tomorrow anyway.

Leave me alone, I think I know what I'm doing.
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Re: LOTUS ELAN M100 BIGGY [ CASTLE COMBE ] - 26th May 2018

Postby GeoffSmith » Mon 16.04.2018, 22:08

1 Clemo . S2 613 Jim Clark ( camping) ( camping / shez pinky? ) set up friday , SAT & SUN .
2. saltire. S2 512 sleeping in my nice warm bed 5 miles away, but up for any evening entertainment this year
3. Pinky . not a limited edition - but it is unique! (camping/campervan or similar - who knows!)
4. Rambo - posh camping + Friday beer Fest/Sat curry
5. rip - camping
6.Tuga - Camping days to be confirmed
.. BOLLECKS I've got the gazebo
7. Nicowalker1 +2 (Caravaning without the Elan)
8. Steve A & my good lady who has already given the thumbs down to camping but we found a nice B&B last time
9. Kathryn - S2 540 (not camping)
10. Jim - posh camping (Malmesbury?) + Friday beer Fest/Sat curry
11. Alan E
12. Mike - MPx just for the day
13. Basher -Like the sound of it, maybe Friday pm and Sat but will be in hotel.
14. Chris P, not sure about options - will most probably panic purchase something closer to the time
15. Fredjohn - how do I bring the campervan and M100, as Grace would prefer to be a passenger in M100 rather than drive the camper??
16. Phil (lotusflasherman) - posh camping @ Malmesbury Friday beer Fest/Sat curry/Sunday race meeting?
17. Roy666.. sounds great...c u there for Sat.
18. JusNoGood - Probably be staying with family locally.
19. BigErch- put me down for everything
20. DavidEJM - (close enough to home but might camp satPM - for the laughs) I missed last year so hoping this year will be dry and sunny
21. Simon Carrier (SPC designs) coming down for a catch up and a Beer (No elan)
22. Dave & Ann Excell. on the way back from Italy in the elan, so will try to be there
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