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Postby BraxtonFisher » Sat 15.12.2018, 01:13

Greeting all. I bought this heap about a month ago and am looking to restore it. I’ve found a couple parts on the forums but cannot PM yet and haven’t a clue how else to contact the sellers. Anyways, I’m looking forward to being part of this group and most importantly getting this turd polished. (Pictures coming soon to a theater near you)
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Postby rip » Sat 15.12.2018, 12:26

Hopefully you won't be thinking of it as a heap for very long.
Where are you based & what parts are you looking for?
Editing your profile to include your location beneath your avatar will stop people like me from asking this in future.
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Postby DavidEJM » Sat 15.12.2018, 13:08


You will find a wealth of information, advice and guidance on parts here.

I don't know for sure but you may find that the PM feature is disabled until you've made more posts but a mod will be along to confirm soon enough, i might be imagining that!
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