Storing car outside

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Storing car outside

Postby J.Neill » Tue 14.06.2016, 05:01

I am moving house to Aberfeldy, near Perth Scotland and loosing my garage :(
My car will be left on the road (unless I find a garage in the area) and I need recommendations for a rain cover. I am concerned about condensation under a full cover so should I go for a full cover or a hood cover only?
In addition is there any recommended car cover suppliers
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Re: Storing car outside

Postby Artaban » Tue 14.06.2016, 12:49

Having lived in Scotland for a few years it certainly knows how to rain and blow a gale so I'd steer away from a full car cover as I think the car would sweat under it and the constant flapping of material against the paintwork might have an abrasive effect. The shower cap/hood cover are good but still need to be well tied down and in fact the wind in Dumfries broke the ties on mine so I had to reinforce them. In reality all you are trying to make sure is that the footwell doesn't fill up with water so a hood cover will do that for you.

However I would see if you can find someone who needs a few quid and has a garage or barn. If you find a farm building put out some mousetraps in the winter. Mine was in a garage on a farm and the mice made a nest under the header tank and ate through my HT leads; thankfully nothing else.

Best of luck,

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Re: Storing car outside

Postby lolaman » Tue 14.06.2016, 17:42

I bought one of these: ... EBIDX%3AIT the price has come down, I paid £55.95! :evil:

I can't vouch for how it would cope with scottish weather but it works well in the balmy midlands.

I can also concur with Artaban about the dangers of rodents in barns, a few years back I shared space in a barn with a few others where space was at a premium and had to leave a key if a car needed to me moved. A window of my Esprit was left open by one of the guys which allowed some rodents in and the little ******** managed to nibble the leather, fortunately Footman James payed up £4000.

If you go down the barn route I would recommend a full cover as protection against bird poo and other detritus.
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Re: Storing car outside

Postby Andy_J » Tue 14.06.2016, 20:56

I kept y old red Elan outside under a full car cover when I lived in Inverness a couple of years ago. However it was in a very sheltered spot between the garage and my neighbours wall. I held the cover down with 6 railway sleepers which stopped most of the flapping around.
I also kept my Lotus Carlton under a cover on the drive. The best way I found to stop the cover blowing off and flapping around was once the cover was on I put 5 ratchet straps round the car to hold the cover in place. I did them up gently with enough force to stop the cover moving and nothing more. Had 1 in the middle, one just at the front of the roof, one at the rear of the roof, one at the base of the windscreen and one at the base of the rear screen. It worked very well.
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Re: Storing car outside

Postby Dave Eds » Tue 14.06.2016, 22:19

Full car cover from and leave the windows open half an inch. Secure straps and it doesn't move at all. Had mine for 2 years and got one for the Evora too. Not cheap by initial comparison but worth very penny. I live on a farm and the cars stay outside.
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Re: Storing car outside

Postby J.Neill » Thu 16.06.2016, 12:39

Thank you for all the advise
I will continue to try and get a dry garage but will go with the hood top cover during summer and see what happens
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Re: Storing car outside

Postby Rambo » Thu 16.06.2016, 18:37

Have you ever thought of an outdoor Carcoon ? I don't know if you have the space, or the money as they are expensive, but much cheaper than a garage. But much more expensive than a cheapo, flappy cover too

PS I think they do them for tractors too Dave :twisted:
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Re: Storing car outside

Postby Rice crispy » Thu 16.06.2016, 21:29

I used a carcoon a few years ago for a winter when the garage was in use and it kept the car bone dry, only issues are if you want to use it regularly as it takes a while to put on and remove and it doesn't stand up when there is snow on it
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