Elan M100 S2 on TV 30th March 2019 .....

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Elan M100 S2 on TV 30th March 2019 .....

Postby LO 2 US » Fri 29.03.2019, 18:45

There is a new (UK) TV programme (in 4 parts) starting this Saturday 30th March 2019 featuring an: Elan M100 S2 & a Porsche 944 cab ...... Mission Ignition 8.30pm on Channel 4

Have no idea if it will be any good!!
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Re: Elan M100 S2 on TV 30th March 2019 .....

Postby Gary » Mon 08.04.2019, 20:18

I've got the program (for what it's worth)...2.4GB is there anywhere I can upload?
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Re: Elan M100 S2 on TV 30th March 2019 .....

Postby Bern » Mon 08.04.2019, 21:15

No need to upload it, anybody can watch it on 4OD (that's if it allows international viewing).
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Re: Elan M100 S2 on TV 30th March 2019 .....

Postby Dave Eds » Mon 08.04.2019, 23:44

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Dave Eds
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Re: Elan M100 S2 on TV 30th March 2019 .....

Postby lotusrepair » Tue 09.04.2019, 04:11

Is it a good program? They want all kinds of info to register to watch it.
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Re: Elan M100 S2 on TV 30th March 2019 .....

Postby John_W » Tue 09.04.2019, 08:29

Dave Eds’ link suggests that most people don’t like it much.
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Re: Elan M100 S2 on TV 30th March 2019 .....

Postby MPx » Tue 09.04.2019, 14:21

Well it was nice to see the white car on TV and it got a fair showing...but the actual program and reassembly of the green car was pretty awful IMO. It basically amounts to the vandalism of two classic cars each week for no particularly good reason. However good the "teams", doing a rebuild in less than a day against the clock on an unfamiliar car with no instructions/manual is always going to lead to a naff job. Hopefully the cars a re-stripped and rebuilt to a proper standard following the prog before being sold on...

I wont be watching any of the rest of the series.
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Re: Elan M100 S2 on TV 30th March 2019 .....

Postby Saltire » Tue 09.04.2019, 15:06

:agree: :clap:

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