LEC outage last night

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LEC outage last night

Postby al » Mon 02.03.2009, 10:30

Hi guys,

as I'm sure some of you must be aware LEC was unavailable for some 3 hours last night.
This was due to the failure of the shared filer at our hosting provider, Dreamhost, on which all of LECs files/web pages/etc. are stored.
Since the filer was down and nothing useful could be served, Dreamhose decided to shutdown the web servers for all affected machines while they drove to the datacentre to fix it.

Unfortunately there's not much we can do in a situation like that.

If you've posted something recently which had a picture attached, or changed your avatar etc., it might be worth just verifying that what ever you did is still there - it's unusual for a filer to fail in such a catastrophic manner and Dreamhose may have had to restore from an earlier back-up.

On behalf of the admin team, I'd like to apologise for any shakes, cold sweats, or other symptoms of cold-turkey withdrawal that you might have suffered last night; professional counseling will not be made available, but Sy may offer one-to-one sessions on a first-come-first-served basis at Donington.

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