Flatbed/car transport Trailer questions

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Re: Flatbed/car transport Trailer questions

Postby Tuga2112 » Wed 05.09.2018, 22:55


MPx wrote:One concern - given that it was a farm trailer, the hitch would have been higher than a normal road trailer so the hitch height wouldn't match up to the ball height on the car? Have you made some kind of adjustment to sort this? If you are just forcing it on by tilting the trailer slightly this would have the effect of negative nose weight and make towing very unstable.

i will have to unload the trailer and check that. but my recolection is that the hitch position was lower than the hitch in my car, so effectively the oposite of what you mention.
i know the trailer was originally a farm trailer, however the previous owner used it regularly as a car transporter. i suspect such adjustment was made prior to my ownership. although i cannot be 100% sure.

MPx wrote:When loading you should always aim to have some positive nose weight but not too much. The design limit might be around 100kg but that is a bit much and I reckon about half of that gives a nice balance. You'll know if you've got it wrong as it will affect the steering and it will jerk against the ball over bumps. The closer you get it to the sweet spot the smoother the ride.

I am aware that there should be some slight nose weight. i was not aware of the exact figures to aim for, and assumed in the past they should have been higher than what you state, i think its likely in my previous trips i may have been closer to the 100kg mark than the 50kg.

MPx wrote:Also get into the habit of checking the straps on every stop for fuel or whatever.

i was aware of the 5-10 mile recomendation. i was not aware it was recomended to double checking regularly, in the past i have done it mostly out of paranoia, now i understand it should be a regular thing

MPx wrote:You'll have found that trailers will cut in a little on corners.

yes, familiar with that. my normal approach is to simulate the path of a semi lorry. i have always just positioned the car and trailer as close to the second lane as possible before starting the manuever and move it a lot slower than all the rest of traffic in order to take a wide turn (as ive seen semi's doing in the past) I suspect some drivers are not very pleased about it, but so far i havent had anyone honking at me for it, and usually they give enough room for the manuever. the ones who dont, usually overtake and the driver behind them allows me that extra space.

MPx wrote:Reversing is a bit of an art.

im familiar with the art of reversing. I Have spend a few hours teaching my dad how to do it,to no real progress. I have a good understandin of the phisics of making the tow ball the pivot of the trailers direction, and how to controll the car in order to position the ball correctly in order to folow a planned path.
I have also found from experience that the longer the distance between the ball and the trailer axles, the easier the manuever becomes because theres extra room for corrections.

dapinky wrote:50Kg nose weight is pretty ideal - if you dont have a 'proper' way of measuring it, I find that if I can lift the hitch on and off the ball with one hand and 'half a grunt', it's about right. If you need to wind it up on the jockey wheel, it's too nose heavy.

sounds like an easy to follow rule of thumb. i never had that balance in the past. the best i have acrieved was a single hand and a full grunt. but usually the jockey wheel has been there to help.
I will move the car further back in the trailer in order to lighten up the nose next time i transport it.

dapinky wrote:you can't beat having a decent view and a banksman who knows what they're saying.

my banksman's are pretty useless for guidance. the most usefull information i can get out of them is "your about x centimeters close" or "theres plenty of room on this side"
but even those pointers are helpless when they dont run to the oposite side to confirm the trailer position and direction is not going to hit any walls.
honestly. my biggest dificulty is the view. I have not used the extended mirrors in the past, as i always assumed they were needed in order to see who is behind me on the other lanes. but now retrospectively thinking, they would have been a lot more helpfull when manuevering.

one thing that i have ready to install is a wireless rear view camera, i will be fitting this appropriately to the trailer (but not permanently) this weekend weather permitting
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