I have a copy of wikilec.9600.org

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I have a copy of wikilec.9600.org

Postby BarryDalHerbert » Thu 09.07.2020, 09:53

I have uncovered a file in my archives that is a reap (scrape) of WikiLEC.9600.org

By clicking in a few places in my file I am able to see the data on my hard drive more or less as it was on the web when it was captured.

I don’t know how old it is (or to put it another way, when I captured the data), but since I don’t remember doing it, I’m putting “ages ago” as my best guess – but probably more than ten years (?).

I have noticed that hyperlinks in WikiLEC are broken, so if anybody can point me to a broken link I can check to see if they are OK in my version. This may both help to date my version, and assess the value of the data.

The file size is 284,788,761 bytes and it contains 23053 files in 1272 folders.

ZIPped, this comes down to 140,475,061 bytes, and if it is of value to retrieve some of the WikiLEC information that was lost in whatever happened to the site back then, I can upload it so that access can be gained.

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