Alternator weirdness

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Alternator weirdness

Postby Luvmeadeadpedal » Sat 07.01.2023, 16:33

I got my car running yesterday after the previous owner let it sit for 3 + years and all seems well except for the alternator light.

The car shows just under 14v on the gauge and I put a meter on that battery terminals directly and reads the same. I turned on that lights, fan, ac and volt meter still read 13.85 colts so definitely charging.

Does anyone know at what voltage the light in the instrument cluster activates?

Now other factors to consider

I started the car still torn apart from blowing out the fuel line and swapping the fuel filter and the convertible top lid was propped open while I checked for leaks ( not that it would matter but who knows ) Could a loose battery terminal cause this?

Let me know if you have a thought here on this.

Next up I tackle refreshing the brakes.
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Re: Alternator weirdness

Postby TorqueHorse » Sat 07.01.2023, 22:40

Exciting that you got it running! I don't know that specific info, but here are some helpful bits...
1) The Manuals section (visible when logged in) should help you as you are putting the car back together. There is a service manual for the electrics that has info about the alternator and charging circuit.
2) Just from a quick reading I saw that it's 'normal' for the light to potentially show when idling.
3) In general, we are all battling bad earths with these fiberglass cars. So cleaning up earth connections (of which you can find where they are from the manuals) is always a helpful thing.

Good luck on the brakes too!
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