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photo repository

Postby DaveT » Thu 11.12.2008, 09:16

Having been involved this year in producing the anniversay calendar I have been made aware of the potential need for a repository for photographs- the high res versions
a for potential use in calendars of the future
b for promo
c for magazines
d for insurance purposes- I had to beg borrow etc photos of CJD to prove condition to my insurer and it made 1.5K difference to the offer they made.
and I'm sure there are a hell of a lot of other reasons.

I'm not talking about just storing every photograph submitted as that doesnt make sense but perhaps storing a selected representation indefinitely.
As I already have the starting of such a repository I would be willing to do this for LEC- sttc.

It goes without saying that as part of that I would also be willing to continue with the calendar as well- see calendar thread.

Thoughts on this would be welcome...

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Re: photo repository

Postby Dave Eds » Thu 11.12.2008, 19:12

Top idea! Now someone tell me we already have one!
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