kia elan (vigato)

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kia elan (vigato)

Postby lotuselan786 » Wed 14.10.2009, 23:43

Just thaught id share a few pictures of the kia version of the elans we have imported from japan in recent years... Also know as the vigato.... we have imported 3 in recent years... 2 yellow and 1 red which have all then been sold in various parts of spain.... we have just imported a white one will post pictures when car is completed...
Modifications we do to them before they are sold on are...
Alloy Wheels...
Lowered Suspension
Front Rubber lip
Snap off Steering wheel
Seats and door panel inserts recoverd with yellow piping and lotus lettering stitched in to head rests
Rear fog light in bottom of bumper
Induction kit.

The kia versions of the elan have a few differences from the lotus elan for those who don't know... the kia version has a 1.8 DOHC engine which is the main difference,,, Federal style front bumper... Different Rear light... Different Interior switches... DIfferent locks... Different speedometer.... and that is mainly it....

Any questions please feel free to ask...
Asghar Motorsport UK
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Re: kia elan (vigato)

Postby forbes82 » Fri 16.10.2009, 12:54

Obviously its vastly the same car as the Elan built by Lotus, but it's still a kia, why stick lotus badges all over it?
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