Volcano Orange Elan

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Re: Volcano Orange Elan

Postby Scott J » Tue 21.04.2015, 23:28

Irn Bru Tango is under a tarpaulin at his dads I believe. Has Stefs TVR been well sorted out by now :P
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Re: Volcano Orange Elan

Postby mitreklov » Wed 22.04.2015, 20:32

There can't be many Elans that colour and I'm pretty sure it passed me travelling north up the A22 this evening! Very striking colour KK are you Sussex based?
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More Pics of the Volcano

Postby KK » Fri 24.04.2015, 15:57

Can A moderator please rotate these pics, I rotate them and they still come out topsy turvey. Cheers

Edit by Mod - all the right way round :D

Hi All
More pic's as requested.
My next mod will be replacing the carpet on the doors with a Carbon & kevlar black & orange weave.
Think ill be well Tango'd then. Enough is enough.
P.s only the last 10cm of the pipe gets warm...

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Re: More Pics of the Volcano

Postby Jamie N » Fri 24.04.2015, 18:27

How did you change the colour of the stripe on the seats KK?. Looking forward to seeing the replacement for the door carpets. :wink:
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Re: Volcano Orange Elan

Postby Rambo » Fri 24.04.2015, 22:40

Looks a cracking re-spray. Fantastic colour. Jury still out on the sideburners :shock:

You'll need to change some of the the red switchgear and funboy 3 dials to orange though. And some stripey orange/black doorcards ;-)
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Re: Volcano Orange Elan

Postby Doug » Sat 25.04.2015, 17:26

interesting and nice how Lotus made those reliefs under the headlight pods for your DRL LEDs to drop cleanly into place!
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Re: More Pics of the Volcano

Postby lotos » Sat 25.04.2015, 18:09

Gold knob with silver brake handle is making my OC twitch :lol:
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Re: Volcano Orange Elan

Postby tweetdriver63 » Sat 25.04.2015, 21:08

I love the color. It looks just like this Evora.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lotus-Evora-S-2 ... 1660424734

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Re: Volcano Orange Elan

Postby DeanG » Sun 26.04.2015, 16:38

I like the color. I am afraid of metal shift knobs. At one time I was interested in a Lamborghini Jalpa. The selling agent mentioned that the aluminum ball shift knob tended to get hot in the sun. My favorite shift knob was a Q-ball. My next most favorite is the Momo that was added to our old M100.
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