Post your motor compartment (in the year 2007)

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Re: Post your motor compartment (in the year 2007)

Postby surfboardfiller » Sat 27.09.2008, 11:27

'Eclat' is a damn fine comparison Doug! (I never thought of that)

tweetdriver63 wrote:Nice work Phil. How'd you solve the transmission problem? You know, mounting the engine in-line, vs transverse? Where'd you put the tranny? Either you converted the car to rear-wheel drive, or put the tranny in the glovebox. :lol: Probably in the glovebox. yeah, that's probably where it is.

I mounted the engine the other way round, :wink: I was inspired by the federal front bumper sticking out, so I thought I'd make good use of the space and put the transmission there! (I cant say tranny, it means something else here) :-D

(It's my Esprit Engine in Ekapol's car :lol: )
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Re: Post your motor compartment (in the year 2007)

Postby ailwyn » Sat 27.09.2008, 11:36

Looks to me like he's replaced the radiator with the transmission :)
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