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For help finding/discussion about good insurance rates.

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Re: Insurance (uk)

Postby Scott J » Fri 12.04.2019, 18:27

Rambo wrote:Changed my insurance company to Footman James

Two M100's, both garaged overnight, 5000 miles pa between the 2, agreed valuations of £10k and £12k, European cover for up to 90 days, salvage retention, £100 XS, spares cover etc ...all for the sum of £222.16.

But, then again, I'm an old git :?

Thats cheap, must because your living in the boondocks. I'm also with FJ. Elise is 4000 miles, garaged, agreed value £14k. , and £350 :(
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Re: Insurance (uk)

Postby lotusles » Fri 12.04.2019, 19:51

woody wrote:Just renewed with Adrian Flux.
Underwritten by Markerstudy for £99.06 with agreed value £10k, £100 excess, courtesy car, salvage retention etc etc.
Well pleased

Excellent result, all I need to do is get rid of the 6pts and not have a company hack :-(
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Re: Insurance (uk)

Postby Saltire » Thu 30.05.2019, 07:45

My Elan insurance has just fallen due, and, as I usually do, I shopped around. (Currently with Flux). Footman James were very competitive and flexible, but there was an unusual deal-breaker. As some of you know, I’m a magistrate, and I occasionally drive the Elan to court on fine days. Magistrates are not paid, but we can claim travel expenses (standard UK government mileage rate). According to FJ, that therefore counts as “paid employment”, and so the premium goes up by £40 a year - which suddenly makes it the most expensive option.

Shame, as I liked their policy and would otherwise have switched.

Magistrate is declared to Flux with no additional premium.

I’ll never understand the world of insurance . . .
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Re: Insurance (uk)

Postby Rambo » Thu 30.05.2019, 08:41

Saltire wrote:I’ll never understand the world of insurance . . .

Perhaps the best way is to be dishonest m'lud :twisted:
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