Immobiliser - PROOF may be required

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Immobiliser - PROOF may be required

Postby Jackonicko » Sat 17.05.2008, 00:05

You're buying an open topped sports car. It's a given that it will need an alarm and immobiliser - not just to reduce your premium, but quite possibly to get theft cover at all.

So you check that the car has a Thatcham approved device.

But simply ticking the box isn't always enough for insurers, and Direct Line told me that until I'd faxed them a certificate, I'd be covered comprehensively - except for theft!

In 2008, the chances are that your 'new' 1992 Elan had an immobiliser installed a dozen years ago - quite possibly two or three owners ago.

Notionally, you could be faced with the cost of removing a working, approved immobiliser in order to install a new one that has the right documentation.

Luckily, many insurers will accept a certificate issued (after testing) by an alarm specialist - which will cost you a relatively small amount (£25 in my case).

But the moral is that simply checking that the car you want to buy has an immobiliser may not be enough. Without paperwork, it's a case of hassle and money, and this lack may be a useful negotiating chip in 'bargaining down' the price.

Postby andyhaworth » Sun 18.05.2008, 08:16

Jon, Enright had this and I think "got it sorted" is probably the best way of putting it

I went with a classic policy through Footman James, as part of joining Club Lotus they knocked the premium down to around £300 from £500 something. There wasnt a need to show it had an alarm/immobiliser even though it had a CAT 1, but because it was a classic there's the downside of not building No claims discount
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Postby Enright » Sun 18.05.2008, 12:28

See here: ... sc&start=0

I've copied your post into the other thread - this one was effectively a duplicate anyway so I'm going to lock it.
Striking fear into the hearts of duplicate posts everywhere...! :P

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