Non UK Driving License Insurance cover

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Non UK Driving License Insurance cover

Postby flipingreat » Fri 11.04.2014, 16:08

Good afternoon all,

I am having a major issue finding insurance for my Lotus Elan SE Turbo.


I have a 1991 Lotus Elan SE Turbo, Bought in the UK, when I was at home in the UK... then my job has taken me to
Switzerland, where I had to exchange my driving license for a Swiss Driving License.

Here is the issue, I can no linger insure the My car in the UK, where it lives.

I was hoping to use this car when I visit my parents, and thus no need to hire a car, but I am now at the end of my tether, as ALL
insurance companies I have contacted told me that they cannot insure me without a UK drivers license.....

What is bizzare, I can with my Swiss license Hire a car from ANY hire centre in the Country, with my Swiss License.

Can anyone HELP ME, I love my Lotus, but not being able to drive it is KILLING ME.... and I am doing roughly 2000 miles a year in a hire for now... :((

Chris Parker
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Re: Non UK Driving License Insurance cover

Postby Fredjohn » Fri 11.04.2014, 16:28

Understand your position but unclear on detail. You say you had to "exchange" your UK licence for a Swiss one.

Does this mean you no longer have a UK licence? ie you handed it in and they gave you the Swiss one? This seems quite bizarre: shouldn't the Swiss have just given you a licence on presentation of the UK one and then returned the UK one?? Do you actually need a Swiss licence if living there rather than just visiting?

I suggest you check at the Swiss end to try to get your UK licence "back": surely some Swiss bureaucrat has got it wrong. There must be other Brits working in Switzerland in the same position as you: wanting to keep a UK car for home visits.
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Re: Non UK Driving License Insurance cover

Postby Simon_P » Fri 11.04.2014, 22:12

Try Hagerty
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Re: Non UK Driving License Insurance cover

Postby GeoffSmith » Sat 12.04.2014, 10:56

Fredjohn wrote:This seems quite bizarre:

Well that's European law for you, but at least the roads are safer. :roll:

Chris, take a look through the insurance threads - someone (whose name I forget unfortunately) from the North West was a broker and offered to help people with unusual requirements and there are plenty of specialist insurers mentioned.
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Re: Non UK Driving License Insurance cover

Postby inkitin » Sat 12.04.2014, 11:07

I did a quick Google on this and almost all the forum posts recommended contacting Stuart Collins insurance Brokers.

Hope this helps.

PS Are you sure it's your Swiss driving licence that's the problem and not your UK residency status?
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Re: Non UK Driving License Insurance cover

Postby stuartm » Sat 26.04.2014, 13:52

I use Routen Chaplin -- not quite the same circumstances but try them, they are very helpful. When I first bought my Elan 2 1/2 years ago, I was living in China but still holding UK licence; car in Bristol. Almost no-one would quote. Stuart Collins quoted GBP 880 and Routen Chaplin was less than 300. Still with them.

See my post under Insurance on 20.10.2011 (sorry I haven't figured how to take you there with a link...)
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