Overseas Insurance

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Overseas Insurance

Postby epipete » Mon 28.09.2015, 14:01

I have been trying to obtain Insurance here in Cyprus. I need some cover for 3 month initially as that is the minimum cover I have to show at Customs when I collect it.

So far all the dealers assure me that they can obtain insurance but I have not tested this yet. I have been through Forces Financial as they are on the base and have been offered a quote of €285pa (or €80 for 3mths, €120 for 6mths) which is good until I reveal this is for only 3rd Party - apparently the word 'Lotus' puts them off (given the roads and speed humps I'm not sure I'm too surprised!). They won't even consider Fire and/or theft!

My plan is therefore to take this offer as I need to get some cover, probably just take the 3 or 6 mths, and seek Comprehensive cover elsewhere. I will, of course, try the dealers.

Does anyone know of a firm in the UK that will provide insurance for cars registered and driven overseas? Is this even possible, legal etc?

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Re: Overseas Insurance

Postby morciii » Mon 28.09.2015, 16:49

My insurance covers me for use in most European countries, including Cyprus. Although would only be third party ''note - the level of cover provided is the minimum level of cover required by law, it is not the same level of cover you receive when driving within the territorial limits under this policy''

But for an extra premium you can add fully comp cover for driving outwith the territorial limits.
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Re: Overseas Insurance

Postby Artaban » Mon 28.09.2015, 17:44

Can't imagine any normal UK insurer taking on the risk as they usually limit cover to UK residents not ex-pats. You'll need to find an insurer in the UK (most likely underwritten by a Lloyds syndicate) who will take on the risk; but at a price. Try these people:
http://www.keithmichaels.co.uk/speciali ... to-europe/

May be worth a phone call to get an idea of the problems an insurer faces in covering a car in Cyprus; e.g. would there be anyone in Cyprus who had the knowledge to assess the cost of repairing any damage? Is there anyone in Cyprus that could repair the car to an acceptable level?

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