Mouse in Car!!!!

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Mouse in Car!!!!

Postby giles.holland » Wed 22.02.2012, 00:10

Here I was stripping my newly bought elan,

I get the the speakers behind the seats, unscrewing them and lifting the housing away to find a mound of mouse droppings!!!!!!

My wiring was also nibbled!

Two questions,

1. How did a mouse get in there???
2. How did it get out?? Cause so far there is no sign of a rotting corpse! (this car is 20+ years old)

I'll let you know if I find one as I go through the car! Lol :lol:
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Re: Mouse in Car!!!!

Postby epipete » Wed 22.02.2012, 00:57

If you do a search on 'mouse' then you'll see 6 pages on the subject mostly of the Animal rather than the Mineral variety!!!
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Re: Mouse in Car!!!!

Postby Rambo » Wed 22.02.2012, 09:51

Never heard of that problem with S2's. Maybe the CAT puts them off :lol:
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Re: Mouse in Car!!!!

Postby rip » Wed 22.02.2012, 11:04

I thought the PAS python was there to keep mice away.
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Re: Mouse in Car!!!!

Postby whippit » Wed 22.02.2012, 17:31

Iv'e had one in my garage all winter, he took a liking to the insulation around my oil cooler pipes, i lifted my bonnet and the little sods sat on the rad expansion tank,
he didn't move he had a nibble of the new cap then legged it
that night i left some dog biscuits out to tempt him, the greedy sod ate the lot,
next night the same this went on for a weeks,

then one sad night i switched the garaged lights on and was confronted by a sight i never want to see again,

my friendly mouse was dead, he past away happy though, he was the size of a small dog,

so my only help as to get rid of a mouse is lots of food
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Re: Mouse in Car!!!!

Postby HJ2 » Wed 22.02.2012, 19:14

whippit wrote:
so my only help as to get rid of a mouse is lots of food

You dumb :lol: :-D He was sitting on the rad cap because he was thirsty! How obvious can it be!
We overfed some mice as well, with milk! after a couple of weeks I peeked into a shrub and saw tens of little eyes staring at me :bananasex:
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Re: Mouse in Car!!!!

Postby Senex » Thu 06.12.2018, 16:29

My Elan, which lives in a barn, failed to start recently. Investigation of the fuel pump revealed a cache of nuts, and the wiring and pipework completely destroyed. No other damage I can find.
I am hoping this will keep the blighters out.


Mice can easily jump this high, but my hope is that they won't like to jump up into something they can't see, and they can't crawl upside-down along an overhang.

I've set traps and bait where they've been, and if I find evidence of failure, I'll post it. Meanwhile, if anyone else tries this, or has a better idea, let me know.
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Re: Mouse in Car!!!!

Postby Rambo » Thu 06.12.2018, 19:56

:smt063 :smt066 :smt067 :smt068 :smt070 :smt071 :smt072 :smt073

Try chocolate in the traps - they love it !! And Rentokil bait is also good as they eat it, go back to their warm little homes, and then their blood coagulates. Unless they're on a daily 50 mg aspirin tablet
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